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Short biography:

Mathias Michel studied physics at the Universität Stuttgart (Germany) with specialization in Theoretical Quantum Optics, Laser Phyiscs, Statistical Physics, Synergetics and Chaos Theory. In 2006 he obtained his Dr rer nat (PhD) degree at the Universität Stuttgart studying Aspects of Nonequilibrium Quantum Thermodynamics at the Quantum Thermodynamics Group of Prof Dr Mahler. After a short postdoctoral research period in Stuttgart he is now Research Associate of Prof Dr Hess' (Theory and Advanced Computation Group) at the Advanced Technology Institute of the University of Surrey.

382. Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar
TransRel-Logo? Thermal Transport and Relaxation:
Foundations and Perspectives
WEH-Logo? Bad Honnef
8. - 10. January 2007

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Titelpage EPJST? H.-P. Breuer, J. Gemmer, M. Michel
and U. Schollwöck (eds.)

Quantum Transport and Relaxation
From Foundations to Applications at the Nanoscale

Euro. Phys. J. Spec. Top.
Springer, 2007.

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Titelpage QTBook? J. Gemmer, M. Michel and G. Mahler

Quantum Thermodynamics
Emergence of Thermodynamic
Behavior Within Composite
Quantum Systems

Springer, 2004.

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Titelpage Dissertation? M.Michel

Nonequilibrium Aspects of
Quantum Thermodynamics

Selbstverlag Michel, 2006.

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What's New?

Finally I managed to write down some remarks on
Howto Use Octave Functions in C++ Programs

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