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Quantum Transport and Relaxation

From Foundations to Applications at the Nanoscale

H.-P. Breuer, Jochen Gemmer, Mathias Michel and U. Schollwöck (eds.)

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The European Physical Journal Special Topics
Vol. 151 (December 2007)
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York

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About this Volume
Table of contents

About this Volume:

In recent years the quantum theory of relaxation and transport has regained a lot of attention. The reasons for this renaissance are of practical, theoretical as well as of fundamental nature. In fact, novel aspects are closely linked to the ongoing miniaturization of all sorts of devices. Molecular electronics, spintronics and many other concepts that may be subsumed under the term nano-technology rely on the controlled transport of quantities like energy, charge, mass, magnetization, and information and the understanding of relaxation and loss processes. Thus, the ongoing technological progress brings one back to rather fundamental questions, and these are indeed far from being well understood.

The present volume contains a collection of papers which treat many physically relevant aspects in this field from quantum thermodynamics to the quantum theory of transport dynamics. The aim of this issue is to highlight the present status of the theory of transport and relaxation and to point out diverse directions of future research topics, the understanding of foundations of complex processes and technological applications on the nanoscale. It is meant as an overview for a diverse readership, from the student in an advanced physics course to the expert reader planning further research within the field of transport and relaxation.

Table of Contents:

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